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Xenon Connect Partner Programme

Made for accountants & bookkeepers in the UK

Detect and fix bookkeeping issues for all of your Xero clients from one dashboard
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Bookkeeping Health Score

View the health of all of your clients’ bookkeeping data in one place to decide which clients require your attention most urgently.

 The health score is calculated automatically and is based upon the quantity and importance of the bookkeeping data issues found within your client’s Xero organisation.

Detect Specific Bookkeeping Issues

Xenon Connect automatically detects transactions and issues within your clients’ Xero accounts that require your attention.

Each bookkeeping data check feature has a clear “issue, so what? & solution” explainer box at the top.

Automatic & Timely Alerts

Get notified when Xenon Connect detects that something needs addressing or considering (e.g. when the client’s Xero data suggests that they are approaching the VAT registration threshold). Turn off specific notification types on an individual client basis.



Really great app, particularly the bookkeeping errors functionality. Allows you to check possible duplicate contacts, incorrectly coded transactions and much more all from one screen.

Weekly reports help you stay on top of the books.

Highly configurable and excellent support, can’t fault it.”

Clare Kendall MICB of CLK Books

Photo of Clare Kendall

In-App Custom Text & Call To Action Buttons

Personalise each bookkeeping data check page and notification with your own freeform text and buttons. Great for adding additional guidance to help other team members and clients. 


Add Team Members

Grant access to other members of your team, providing them with their own login credentials.

Choose which organisations and dashboard features each team member has access to.

Client Access (Optional)

Provide clients with access to their organisation.

Allow them to set monthly sales targets, view an estimate of corporation tax, monitor directors’ loan accounts and correct bookkeeping errors etc.

Partner Pricing

Transparent pricing options for accountancy & bookkeeping practices of all sizes.


£ 20
+VAT Monthly
  • 5 Xero Organisations
  • 10 Team Members
  • 10% Annual Discount


£ 35
+VAT Monthly
  • 10 Xero Organisations
  • 10 Team Members
  • 10% Annual Discount


£ 75
+VAT Monthly
  • 25 Xero Organisations
  • 10 Team Members
  • 10% Annual Discount


£ 125
+VAT Monthly
  • 50 Xero Organisations
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 10% Annual Discount


£ 200
+VAT Monthly
  • 100 Xero Organisations
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 10% Annual Discount

Please get in touch if you require more than 100 Xero organisations.

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