Powerful toolkit for Xero Users that finds bookkeeping issues and helps you fix them

Xenon Connect detects and cleans up bookkeeping errors in Xero and provides powerful financial insight to keep you firmly in control of your business.

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Connect. Take Control. Grow.

Improve your Xero data and view key metrics for your business

Xenon Connect detects and cleans up bookkeeping errors in Xero and provides powerful financial insight to keep you firmly in control of your business.

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Integrated with Xero

In just a few clicks, Xenon Connect will pull in your up to date financial data from Xero online accounting software, before providing a checklist of bookkeeping issues and other insights to help you to monitor and improve your financial situation.

Xenon Connect automatically syncs with your Xero data every night.

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“Great bit of software.

Clever bit of software integrating with Xero that highlights outstanding bookkeeping that needs attention as well as drawing your attention to things you might have missed.

Also very responsive customer service.
Highly recommended.”

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Xenon Connect Dashboard Features...

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Leave no stone unturned

Bookkeeping Data Checks

Xenon Connect automatically detects bookkeeping data which may have been entered incorrectly into your Xero account.

After explaining the issue in jargon-free English, the system will provide you with a solution to sort out each detected item.

The ever-growing checklist includes:

Beat the clock

Sales Tracker

Track your business’ monthly sales figures against target.

This insight allows you to create automatic or manual sales targets and clearly view how the business’ sales function is performing in real-time.

The motivational status message gives an indication of how you are doing.

Have a quick glance to see if you are beating the clock with the actual sales v days remaining until end of month comparison chart.

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Put money aside for your tax bills

Corporation Tax Estimate

A forecast of your future corporation tax bill based upon your adjusted profit to date.

This insight ensures that nasty last-minute tax bill surprises become a thing of the past, helping you to plan and save for your future corporation tax liability.

Setup automatic adjustments to your Xero net profit to provide a more accurate picture of the taxable profit (adjust for depreciation, entertainment, capital allowances on additions etc).

Cash is King

Cash Health Check

A clear visual representation of the current total cash balance. A measure of how easily the business can fund its specific expected outgoings (e.g. supplier bills, wages, taxes, loans etc) as well as a cash health indicator and cash health score.

This insight recognises the importance of cash to your business. It keeps it at the forefront of your mind and minimises the risk of cash shortages.


Avoid taxes on overdrawn directors’ loan accounts

Directors' Loan Accounts

Monitoring the balance of loans that the company owes to and from directors.

This insight keeps directors informed about their current loan position and helps to avoid unintentional overdrawn directors loan accounts and the adverse tax consequences that come with them.

Get efficient with cash

Working Capital Cycle

How quickly does the business turn its outgoing cash into incoming cash?

The Working Capital Cycle combines the following measures:

  • How long it takes customers to pay you (Trade Debtor Days)
  • How long you hold stock for before being sold (Stock Days)
  • How long it takes you to pay suppliers (Trade Creditor Days)

This insight opens up the conversation regarding how your business can shorten the time it takes to generate cash inflows.


How much is your business worth?

Business Valuation Tool

A tool to help you visualise how much your business could be worth, based upon your chosen valuation method.

Valuation method options are based upon:

  • Annual Sales
  • Annual Profit
  • Net Assets

With disregarded account adjustments and multiple calculations.

This insight helps you to visualise what the exit strategy may be for your business.

Avoid illegal dividends & additional tax

Dividend Availability

An up to date picture of the business’ profit reserves, keeping you in the know regarding the maximum amount that is available to be distributed to shareholders by dividend.

This insight helps you to ensure that the business does not distribute more than allowed in dividends, avoiding potentially severe adverse tax consequences.

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Timely Notifications & Reminders, Including...

Monthly Sales Target Achieved

Xenon Connect will keep an eye on your actual sales figure for the current month. Receive a notification when your actual sales figure exceeds your target sales figure. A friendly cue to open the champagne bottle!

VAT Registration Threshold Monitor

Xenon Connect detects if you are not yet VAT registered and informs you when the business’ taxable sales figure breaches (or is approaching) the current VAT registration threshold (UK) and provides information on what you must do.

Year End Accounts Reminders

Xenon Connect detects when your accounting year end is. Get notified when your year end is approaching so that you can make preparations to get your year end figures in order. No need to leave it all until last minute!

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