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Overview of Xenon Exact

Xenon Connect’s Bookkeeping Data Check features (called “Xenon Exact”) analyse your business’s Xero and QuickBooks Online data, automatically detect bookkeeping issues and help you to quickly fix them.

The result is accurate financial data that you can rely on as a basis for making better business decisions and for reducing the risk of a tax authority compliance review.

Our growing list of checks currently include:

Health Indicator

Behind the scenes, and through the continuous analysis of your business’s bookkeeping data, Xenon Connect provides you with a bookkeeping health indicator that provides an insight into the quality and accuracy of your bookkeeping data held in Xero.


The health indicator is given in a percentage score out of 100%, with inaccurate bookkeeping data with many issues found being a lower percentage score, and accurate bookkeeping data without any issues found being a higher percentage score.

Primarily, the health indicator score is based upon how up-to-date the data in Xero is kept, the likelihood of duplicate items, and other measures.

The health indicator calculation criteria will evolve over time as we add more bookkeeping data checks to Xenon Connect.