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Inactive Contacts


The Inactive Contacts bookkeeping data check feature identifies Xero contacts that have not been used for a long time, or at all. This allows the user to easily identify Xero contacts that can be archived to reduce data overwhelm when viewing the contact list.


Details provided for each transaction include:

  • Contact name
  • Date of most recent transaction
  • Age of most recent transaction (in days)

View contact in Xero

For each inactive contact found, you are able to click the View button after which you will be taken directly to the applicable contact within your Xero account. This will allow you, for example, to investigate whether you wish to archive the contact.

Archive Contact

If you decide that a particular Xero contact can be archived because it is unlikely that you will use it again, then you can do so by clicking the “Archive” button directly from Xenon Connect.

Dismiss Item

If you decide that a particular contact does not require archiving, then you can click the “Dismiss” button to hide the contact and prevent that transaction from appearing in the list again.

Show Dismissed Items

You can quickly show all previously dismissed or archived contacts, by enabling the “Show dismissed items” toggle.

This allows you to recheck and archive any Xero contacts that have previously been dismissed in error.

Bulk Process Options

The following bulk actions can be taken by using the check boxes and Bulk Process Options drop down menu:

  • Multiple transactions can be archived in bulk
  • Multiple transactions can be dismissed in bulk