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Connection Management

You have full control over the management of the connection between Xenon Connect and Xero.

Continuous connection – When you first connect your Xero account to Xenon Connect, it creates a continuous link between the two apps. This connection remains in place unless you manually disconnect the packages.

Disconnect process – If you no longer want to keep Xenon Connect synced with your Xero data then you have the option to disconnect the API connection between the two apps.

Screenshot showing'Disconnect from Xero' button in Xenon Connect

Reconnect process – If you have previously disconnected the connection between Xenon Connect and Xero, you can reconnect the two apps easily. This will ensure that the data sync process resumes every night.

When Xenon Connect detects that there is no active connection to Xero it displays a notice box prompting you to “Click here to reconnect your Xero account”.

The “Connect to Xero” button will also be displayed on the Source Financial Data page (Top Menu > Settings > Source Financial Data).

Screenshot showing'Connect to Xero' button and reconnection prompt notice in Xenon Connect.