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Old Sales Credits


The Old Sales Credits bookkeeping data check page identifies sales credit notes that were created for the customer some time ago but have still not been attached to an invoice or repaid.

By reviewing the list of old sales credit notes that Xenon Connect flags up on this bookkeeping data check page, you are able to deal with the unattached sales credit notes appropriately.

There are various reasons why a sales credit note may be showing up as unattached in Xero or QuickBooks Online, including the following:

  • The credit note was created in error
  • The bank reconciliation process is not up to date and the customer refund has not yet been allocated to the credit note
  • The customer refund has been incorrectly allocated to a different credit note/customer
  • The customer refund has been incorrectly marked as a direct payment to a nominal account (rather than through the debtors ledger)
  • The sales credit note is being left on account but no invoices have been raised for the customer yet

View Sales Credit Note in Xero or QuickBooks Online

For each old unattached sales credit note identified, you are able to click the View button after which you will be taken directly to the applicable credit note within your bookkeeping account. This will allow you to investigate the item further.

Void or Delete Sales Credit Note

If you determine, after review, that a particular sales credit note has been created in error, it can be quickly removed from Xero or QuickBooks Online by clicking the “Void” or “Delete” button within Xenon Connect.

Please note that sales credit notes that have been part-allocated to an invoice or part-refunded cannot be voided. In this circumstance you will need to unallocate the payment or credit note from the invoice first, before voiding the sales credit note.

Dismiss Item

If you decide that a particular sales credit note shown is ok to be left as unallocated, then you can click the “Dismiss” button to hide the item and prevent that specific credit note appearing again in the issue list.

Ignore Item for 30 Days

If a sales credit note shows up as old and unattached, but you expect it to be allocated against an invoice or refunded to the customer soon, you can click the “Ignore (30 days)” button which will hide the item for 30 days.

After 30 days, if the sales credit note is still unallocated, then the item will reappear in the list.

Show Dismissed Matches

You can recheck dismissed and ignored old sales credit notes in Xenon Connect by enabling the “Show dismissed items” toggle.

This will allow you to add any dismissed or ignored items back to the main old sales credit note list, by clicking the “Add back to issue list” button.

Search Text Filter

Use the search box to filter the old sales credit note results in real time, based upon the text entered.

The results will also include any dismissed and ignored sales credit notes.

Bulk Process Options

The following bulk actions can be taken by using the check boxes and Bulk Process Options drop down menu:

  • Void sales credit notes in Xero or QuickBooks Online
  • Dismiss sales credit notes in Xenon Connect
  • Ignore sales credit notes for 30 days in Xenon Connect


Within the Old Customer Credit Notes section of the Settings page in Xenon Connect, the following preferences can be adjusted:

  • Date of credit note is at least x days old – Use this setting to choose the minimum number of days since the credit note was created (based upon credit note date) to show up as an old sales credit note item (default value is 60 days)