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Multi-Tax Code Suppliers


The Multi-Tax Code Suppliers bookkeeping data check feature identifies supplier contacts in Xero which have transactions that have been coded to more than one tax code.

Transactions checked include:

  • Supplier Bill Line Items (checked against the previously used purchases tax codes for the supplier)
  • Money Out (checked against previously used purchases tax codes for the supplier)

Of course, some contacts will have transactions that have been legitimately coded to a tax code other than tax codes previously used for the contact. The purpose of the check is to verify that any differences are in fact correct.

The Multi-Tax Code Suppliers data check feature is different to that of the Unexpected Tax Code Used data check. The Multi-Tax Code Suppliers data check compares the tax code used within transactions against other transactions of a particular contact, whereas the Unexpected Tax Code Used data check compares each transaction’s tax code against the default tax code set up for the contact (if available).

Date range being checked

Individual issues show up when they are dated within the period selector drop down menu in the sidebar. By default, for further comparison, the system also looks at tax codes used by that contact in the 3 months prior to the period selected. The number of months to go back in order to compare against can be changed on the settings page.

The ability to compare current period transactions against past tax codes used is important as it may otherwise be the case that contacts are not flagged as an issue if, during the current period, all transactions for that contact are allocated to the same inappropriate tax code.

Screenshot of Xenon Connect's Multi-Tax Code Suppliers Xero data check page

Details provided for each transaction include:

  • Contact name
  • Type (e.g. bill or money out)
  • Date of transaction
  • Transaction reference
  • Value of transaction
  • Tax Code used
  • Account Code used
  • Details/description

Changing the transaction’s tax code

If you decide that the tax code currently given to the transaction in Xero is inappropriate, you can quickly and easily change it using the following method:

  1. Click on the “View/Edit” button and edit the bill/bank payment within Xero.

View transaction in Xero

For each multi-tax code supplier transaction found, you are able to click the View/Edit button after which you will be taken directly to the applicable transaction within your Xero account. This will allow you, for example, to investigate the item further.

Mark as “OK”

If you decide that a particular transaction already has the correct tax code used, then you can click the ‘Mark as “OK”‘ button to hide the item and prevent that transaction from appearing in the list again.

You can also click the ‘Mark all items as “OK”‘ button if you are satisfied that all transactions in the date range being checked are appropriate for a particular supplier contact.

Show items marked as “OK”

You can quickly include all transactions that have previously been marked as “OK”, by enabling the ‘Show items marked as “OK”‘ toggle.

This allows you to recheck and edit any tax codes that have previously been marked as OK in error.

You will then also have the ability to click the ‘Mark as “Not OK”‘ button to add transactions back to the issue list.

Bulk Process Options

The following bulk actions can be taken by using the check boxes and Bulk Process Options drop down menu:

  • Multiple contacts can be marked as “OK” in bulk.