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Data Sync

Xenon Connect pulls in your Xero organisation’s data via Xero’s API (behind the scenes) regularly to ensure that your data is kept up to date.

Data syncs can occur 3 different ways:

Initial sync – When you first register for Xenon Connect and authenticate your Xero organisation the data sync process runs and retrieves all required data to populate Xenon Connect’s various features.

Daily auto-sync – Xenon Connect automatically pulls in any new or modified transactions that have occurred since the last data sync. It does this every night.

Manual sync – If you have added a lot of data to Xero during the day and want Xenon Connect to reflect the changes straight away, then you can run a manual data sync.

The manual sync process allows you to choose which data you wish to sync:

Financial Data

Click the “Refresh Data” button which shows at the top right of the Dashboard.

Screenshot showing financial data Xero data refresh button

Bookkeeping Data Checks

Click the “Reanyalyse Xero Data” button on any Bookkeeping Data Check page.

Screenshot showing bookkeeping data check refresh data button