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Duplicate Invoices


The Duplicate Customer Invoices bookkeeping data check page identifies invoices that have a high probability of being duplicated in error.

For various reasons, but primarily due to human error, invoices can be created within Xero multiple times.

As a result, various reports within Xero will be incorrect. It may also result in customers paying multiple times and may create a strain in your business’ relationship with the customer.

By reviewing the potential duplicate matches that Xenon Connect flags up on this bookkeeping data check page, you are able to deal with potential duplicate invoices appropriately.

Screenshot showing the Duplicate Customer Invoices bookkeeping data check page in Xenon Connect

View Invoices in Xero

For each potential duplicated invoice match identified, you are able to click the View button after which you will be taken directly to the applicable invoice within your Xero account. This will allow you to investigate the item further.

Void Invoices

If you determine, after review, that a particular invoice has been created in error, it can be quickly removed from Xero by clicking the “Void” button within Xenon Connect.

Please note that invoices with payments or credit notes already allocated cannot be voided. In this circumstance you will need to unallocate the payment or credit note from the invoice first, before voiding the invoice.

Dismiss Match

If you decide that a particular duplicate invoice match is not, in fact, duplicated, then you can click the “Dismiss Match” button to hide the item and prevent that specific combination of invoices appearing as a match again.

Show Dismissed Matches

You can recheck potential duplicate invoice matches that you have previously dismissed in Xenon Connect by enabling the “Show Dismissed Matches” toggle.

Bulk Process Options

The following bulk actions can be taken by using the check boxes and Bulk Process Options drop down menu:

  • Multiple duplicate invoice matches can be dismissed in bulk


Within the Duplicate Customer Invoices section of the Settings page in Xenon Connect, the following preferences can be adjusted:

  • Date of invoices within x days of each other – Use this setting to choose the maximum number of days apart the invoices can be (based upon invoice date) to show up as a potential duplicate invoice match (default value is 1 day, i.e. the same day)
  • Invoice reference is exactly the same – Enable this setting to only show a potential duplicate invoice match if the invoices have exactly the same invoice reference (default value is Disabled)
  • Total value of invoice exactly the same – Enable this setting to only show a potential duplicate invoice match if the invoices have exactly the same value (default value is Disabled)
  • Also check paid invoices – Enable this setting to show, as a potential duplicate invoice match, situations where both invoices (or multiple invoices) have already been paid. The default value is Disabled (meaning that at least 1 of the invoices in a potential match must be unpaid for the match to show up)