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Xero Accounting Software – Our Review

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of Xero Accounting Software, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at this popular cloud-based accounting software and cover everything from its features and benefits, to pricing and support.

So, whether you’re already using Xero or considering making the switch from another accounting solution, read on for everything you need to know.

An Overview of Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud-based accounting software is a type of software that allows users to access their accounting data and perform various bookkeeping tasks using an internet connection and web browser enabled advice. This type of software is typically more convenient and easier to use than traditional desktop-based accounting software, as it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and does not require installation on a local computer.

An overview of Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that offers a range of features and tools designed to help small businesses manage their finances more effectively. The software includes tools for invoicing, tracking expenses, managing inventory, preparing tax returns, and more. Xero also offers various integrations with other business applications, such as point-of-sale systems, payment processors, time tracking software, and CRM systems.

How does Xero help to speed up bookkeeping?

One of the main ways that Xero helps to speed up bookkeeping is by automating many of the tasks associated with maintaining financial records. For example, the software can automatically import bank transactions and reconcile them with corresponding entries in the accounting records. This can save a significant amount of time compared to manually entering transactions into the system. Additionally, Xero can generate financial reports on demand, which can further help reduce the amount of time needed to complete bookkeeping tasks.

Does Xero integrate with other software?

Yes, Xero integrates with a range of other business software, including CRM, inventory management, ecommerce platforms, and more. This makes it easy to manage all your business data in one place.

Is Xero's support good?

Xero offers 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. There is also a large online knowledge base where you can find answers to common questions. In general, users find that the support is responsive and helpful.

Does Xero produce reports?

Yes, Xero can generate a variety of reports based on your accounting data. This includes financial reports, tax reports, sales reports, and more. You can customize the reports to suit your needs and export them into different formats (e.g., PDF, Excel).

Does Xero help with payroll?

Yes. Xero has a dedicated payroll feature that can help simplify the process of paying employees and filing taxes.

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Xero Accounting Software - Pros

There are many advantages to using Xero Accounting Software. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can save businesses a lot of time and money. By automating many of the tasks associated with bookkeeping, businesses can free up staff to focus on other areas of the business. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, as well as lower overheads.

Another big selling point for Xero is its cloud-based nature. This means that businesses can access their financial information from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or those who travel frequently. It also makes it easier to share information with accountants and other financial advisers.

Xero also offers a number of features that can help businesses to streamline their operations. For example, the software includes built-in templates for invoicing and quotes, which can save businesses a lot of time when preparing these documents. The software also includes tools for managing inventory and tracking expenses. These features can help businesses to become more organised and efficient.

Xero Accounting Software - Cons

While there are many positive aspects to using Xero Accounting Software, there are some potential drawbacks that businesses should be aware of.

One issue is that, because the software is cloud-based, businesses need to have a reliable internet connection in order to use it effectively. This may not be an issue for some organisations but could be a problem for others, particularly if they are based in remote areas with poor internet coverage.

Another potential downside of Xero is its price. The software isn’t cheap, particularly if you require additional features or support beyond what’s included in the basic package. However, many businesses feel that the cost is justified by the time and money saved by using the software.

How much does Xero cost?

Xero has 3 main packages: Starter, Standard & Premium. The current pricing can be found at

Add-ons and extras

There are a number of add-ons and extras available for Xero users including email marketing, CRM integration, time tracking, ecommerce integration, etc. Prices for these vary depending on which service you choose to use.

How long is the contract term?

Xero does not require a long-term contract like some other accounting software providers do. You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Does Xero offer a free trial?

Yes! Xero offers a free 30-day trial so you can try out the software before you commit to a paid subscription.

How do I signup to Xero?

You can signup for Xero directly on their website – just click on the “Free Trial” button at the top of the page to get started!

Xero Accounting Software - Our verdict

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses speed up their bookkeeping. It is easy to use, integrates with other software, and offers a free trial. We recommend Xero for small businesses who are looking for an affordable and user-friendly accounting solution.

While Xero is a great accounting software option for small businesses, it might not be the best fit for every business. We recommend doing your research and evaluating your specific needs before committing to any one software solution.

Xenon Connect

Xenon Connect

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